Ubuntu Linux Elementary os

Ubuntu V2o2o Desktop




Simple to use Audio Player QT5 Alpha


Ubuntu 18.10CC KDE Connect implementation for Gnome Shell 3.24+


Ubuntu 18.10cc Kenel Update


Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Daily Builds


OBS Studio 21.1.1


NitroShare 0.4.0 A cross-platform network file transfer application designed to make transferring any file to any device as painless as possible.


Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Bionic Beaver Beta 1 Kernel 4.16-rc8 With Many Changes.


Ubuntu 18.04Lts and Elementary Os 0.4.1 Gnome-boxes 3.27.92-1


Note: for the installations listed here I take no for warranty.
Neither the successful implementation and operation, orconsequential damages such as defects, loss of data etc....
This page describes only the installation on my computer.

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